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Using an Electric Wheelchair: A Beginner’s Guide

Using an Electric Wheelchair: A Beginner’s Guide

An electric wheelchair is a mobility device designed to help people with limited mobility move around with ease and independence. Whether you are using it for the first time or you have been using one for a while, this guide will help you learn how to use an electric wheelchair effectively and safely.

  1. Understanding the Controls:

    The first step in using an electric wheelchair is to familiarize yourself with the controls such as the joystick controller, brakes and where the motor engage/ disengage switch is, if available. The joystick is usually located on the armrest and is used to control the direction of the wheelchair. Some models may also have additional buttons that control other functions such as speed or turning radius.

  2. Charging the Battery:

    Before using your electric wheelchair, make sure that the battery is fully charged. You can check the battery level using the indicator light on the control panel. If the battery is low, you can charge it using a charger that is provided with the wheelchair. It is recommended to charge the battery after every use to ensure that it is ready for the next use.

  3. Adjusting the Seat:

    Before you start using your electric wheelchair, make sure that the seat is adjusted to your height and comfort level. Most electric wheelchairs come with adjustable seats and backrests that can be adjusted to your preferred position.

  4. Folding the Wheelchair:

    Most electric wheelchairs can be easily folded for storage and transportation. To fold the wheelchair, locate the folding mechanism and follow the manufacturer's instructions for folding. Make sure the wheelchair is securely locked in the folded position before moving it.

  5. Transferring onto the Wheelchair:

    If you have limited mobility, you may need assistance to transfer onto the electric wheelchair. You can use a transfer board, lift, or ask someone to help you. When transferring, make sure to use proper lifting techniques to avoid injury.

  6. Driving the Wheelchair:

    To start driving the electric wheelchair, simply press the joystick forward to move forward, and pull it back to move backward. To turn the wheelchair, simply move the joystick in the desired direction. The speed of the electric wheelchair can be adjusted using the speed control button on the control panel.

  7. Stopping the Wheelchair:

    To stop the electric wheelchair, simply release the joystick or press the brake button. The brake will automatically engage when you release the joystick, but it is always recommended to use the brake button to ensure the wheelchair is securely stopped.

In conclusion, using an electric wheelchair can greatly improve your mobility and independence and with practice, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that it has to offer. It is important to read the instructions manual of the specific electric wheelchair before driving and to consult the vendor or your physical therapist for a test drive.

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